Thanks for visiting smartycaro.  First a word about the name.  Many years ago, not long after I arrived in Washington DC, there was a racehorse named Smarty Jones who was a threat for the Triple Crown.  He didn’t go the full distance, but a young and handsome man in my life saw some parallel between me and this horse and decided to grant me a new nickname.  I’m not sure what it says about me that I married a man who nicknamed me after a horse, but there you go.

I have always found joy and solace in writing, thanks largely to my mother who is a wonderful writer and poet.  Words are my business, in the sense that as a litigator I am constantly writing or speaking as an advocate.  But the language of effective persuasion does not lend itself to the full joy of expression, nor does it grant a license to breathe in the beauty of the perfect adjective.  So I decided to create a separate space where I could write as I chose and reflect on life.  While the subjects tend to return to that which is closest to home – my family, raising children, and (maybe) “growing up” in my 40’s – I hope some of these posts resonate with you.

I want to thank my family and close friends who have always encouraged this endeavor.  It took turning 40 a few years back to make me carve out more time to write, but no hour I have spent writing for this blog has ever felt wasted.

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