better late than never…

Welcome to SmartyCaro, my musings on our life and times. 

As our family and friends know, Amit and I tend to be a bit late to the party in embracing new technology.  I was that person who chained herself to the last parking lot Fotomat.  After all, wasn’t the whole point of photography the surprise in learning what was on the  rolls of film you fished out of the junk drawer?  And what’s the fun in fixing red eye, especially on pictures of your ex-boyfriend that are now perfectly suited for adding the horns and pitchfork?

I have a distinct memory of working out on a Stairmaster next to a partner at my law firm who had bought the first generation IPod the week it was released.  He yammered on and on about how you could put all your music on this one little thing, and it was going to be a revolution, blah blah blah.  I had a stack of CD’s in my Discman and summoned all my powers of coordination to keep my feet moving while switching discs, which if you think about it was a perfectly fine way to simulate a workout mix.  I only fell off once or twice, which is character building anyway.

And already I digress.

So I’m late to the blogging thing, to be sure, but I have had dear friends – not just my blood relatives – support and encourage my writing in recent years and urge me to share it.  Last year I turned 40 and wrote the piece I’d intended to be the springboard, but the springboard was I guess more of a high platform, and I couldn’t force myself to dive.  But life’s too short, so I’m back at it.  

I struggled with the name for this site.  When we first started dating, Amit gave me the nickname SmartyCaro, a loving yet envious jab at my superior law school transcript (sorry, honey, it’s true) and a reference to a fabulous race horse, Smarty Jones, who made a run for the Triple Crown in 2004 but – crushingly – came in second in the Belmont Stakes.  Now that I think of it, this too may have been a loving jab, since one of Amit’s greatest fears is that our children will inherit my fairly leisurely footspeed. 

Smarty Jones, this one’s for you.  Here’s to giving it a go, even for those of us who are just slightly behind.


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